Ian Whittock | Founder & Managing Director

Ian Whittock

Ian Whittock headshotIan Whittock is the Managing Director of Evoque Claims and Appraisals, Evoque Auctions and Identidot Coding Services. He has 18 years of experience in client and insurance support knowledge, and has developed a number of new business ventures and services throughout his career. Ian has created and managed companies in a variety of fields, from appraisals software to insurance, DNA coding, security hardware systems, auction services, and hospitality. He enjoys the challenge of starting new projects from the ground up, and building companies into profitable and successful businesses.

Ian began his career as an Executive Chef. He worked at four fine hotels: the Waldorf Hotel London, the Park Lane Hotel London, the Lygon Arms Broadway, and the Billesley Manor. He was the youngest Executive Chef in London at the time, and received multiple awards for his cuisine. After building up experience in the culinary realm of the hospitality business, Ian decided to explore the management side: he served as the Managing Director of Astwith Hotels and Restaurants, under the Regent Glen Hotels group. He worked in this capacity for five years before accepting a position as Development Manager for the Madhvarni Hotels in London. There, Ian was responsible for finding suitable hotels to purchase, preparing business plans and reporting his findings to the group board.

After four years with the Madhvarni Hotels, Ian Whittock founded his first company, Identidot Coding Services Limited. Based in Aldridge, Birmingham, Identidot offers a major deterrent to theft by way of DNA coding valued possessions, including descriptions, dimensions and photographs of all items coded or listed. It also supplies specialist management software to assist clients, insurers and insurance brokers in the event of theft, fire, renewals or simply managing their assets. The company, now in business for 18 years, recently merged with Opulent Lifestyle, a leading security hardware systems installer. The merger produced Identidot Systems Limited, a separate company run by identidot with the assistance of Opulent Lifestyles’ former Director David Shel. The new company offers discreet but effective security measures for private individuals in their homes.

Most recently, Ian founded Evoque Claims & Appraisals, a company providing a bespoke appraisal and claims reporting service for Insurance companies and brokers alike. Evoque has built unique software systems dedicated to producing speedy client insurance reports incorporating contents valuations and buildings valuation sense checks. The systems are produced in secure cloud technology within 24 hours of completing the appraisal. Evoque also offers a service for claims managers and loss adjusters, and a bespoke auction service.